GO GROUND Contact Information.GO GROUND handles all NCAA championship ground transportation arrangements for team sports. Their toll free championship number is 866/386-4951. Please note: Ground transportation that would be covered by the NCAA travel guarantee that is not arranged through GO GROUND will not be reimbursed by the Association.

GO GROUND’s Championship Portal. All travel arranger contact information and required itinerary details must be submitted through the portal at www.gochampionships.com. This is a requirement in order for the NCAA to pay for the transportation services. A login and password are required to enter the championships portal. This information is the same used by your institution to access Short’s Travel as well as the NCAA Travel Expense System. Institutions who cannot locate their login information can contact GO GROUND at portal@gogroundoptions.com or contact the NCAA at travel@ncaa.org.

Prior to selections:
Please take five minutes to give us five pieces of critical information to help us make your NCAA GROUND transportation go smoothly.
  • 1. Primary contact name we should engage for each sport.
  • 2. Primary contact’s phone number.
  • 3. Primary contact’s email address.
  • 4. Primary pick up location on campus for each sport.
  • 5. Preferred bus operator (select from the NCAA network or provide your recom-mendation).

How To Do It
  • 1. Log on to www.gochampionships.com.
  • 2. Go to Manage Contacts.
  • 3. Fill out the simple form.
  • 4. Click on Bus Operators in the right hand column.
  • 5. Fill out your preferred operator if applicable*.
*All bus operators must meet NCAA safety and service requirements. If your team currently works with a favorite bus company that meets the safety requirements, we welcome their participation. If they are already in the network it will be easy. If not, please have them contact us at NCAANetwork@gogroundoptions.com. Any operator is welcome, but if they are not currently safety certified it will take a few weeks to complete the process. No new certifications will occur during the championship season.

After selections are announced:
You will receive a Travel Alert email from GO GROUND. Upon receipt, log back in to your team portal at www.gochampionships.com and enter your itinerary details such as departure dates, preferred departure times, destination, etc. into Getting Started. Once a bus company has been assigned, you will receive an email notification from your travel coordinator. You will receive additional notifications when your bus driver has been identified and when the driver’s contact information is received. All information will also be located on your team portal and can be pushed to your smart phone or other mobile device. The National Collegiate Athletic Association October 22, 2012 JLS:ckr

Ground Transportation Reimbursement. Under NCAA travel policies, the following is reimbursable: Teams that are required to drive to the site of competition (and the site is more than 25 miles from campus): The NCAA will reimburse the actual costs of the bus for the round trip from campus to the site of competition, including all days at the site.

Teams that fly to the site of competition: If campus is 25 miles or more from the departure airport, the NCAA will pay the cost of the airport transfers, both on the departure and on the return.

If the arrival airport is 25 miles or more from the site of competition, the NCAA will pay the cost of the bus for the day the team arrives and the day the team departs. Any days in between are considered local transportation and are at the expense of the institution.

If either of the legs described above are less than 25 miles, travel is considered local transportation and is at the cost of the institution.

What To Expect. Service is an important piece of the NCAA Ground Transportation Program. When using a bus operator in the NCAA network you should expect:

  • 1. A bus that arrives on time, with a driver who is courteous and professional.
  • 2. A driver that assists with loading and unloading of luggage and equipment.
  • 3. A driver that has directions to your destination and access to maps or GPS information to get you there.
  • 4. A bus that is clean and fully functional.

Should your bus or driver not meet these expectations, please contact your GO GROUND travel coordinator as soon as possible. Your travel coordinator will do whatever possible to correct the situation as soon as practical. NCAA Travel Staff Contact Information. The phone number to the NCAA national office travel staff is 317/917-6757. Juanita Sheely, director of travel and insurance and Melissa Montgomery, assistant director of travel and insurance, are the primary NCAA contacts for all championship travel issues and can be reached at this number or by cell phone at 317/966-6516 and 317/966-6766, respectively.